Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 17

Well, this post got delayed a bit because today was all about filing taxes. Blargh... but at least I managed to get my US taxes filed.

So, week 17... have I mentioned yet how weird the gestational age for babies is yet? So, I just finished week 17 today which means I get to say I am 17 weeks pregnant, but that means I'm now in week 18 (which makes me wonder if I should post on Thursdays instead of Fridays), and to top it off, weeks one and two were largely spent being... not pregnant, so Speck was conceived 15 weeks ago, but we call that 17 weeks. All because so few women know when they ovulate. It really throws off doctors when you know when you ovulated. They just want to know when your last period was so that they can time everything based off of when you should have ovulated if your ovaries were like clockwork. If you know when it actually happened that just complicates things.

Anyway, week 17... where was I?

So, first things first, immediately after my week 16 post I took a 2.5 hour nap. Speck is definitely growing. (This week Speck is supposed to have doubled in weight, so I guess that's not surprising.)

Also, in the first few days of week 17 my left boob was hurting way more than my right boob and now... tada! Like some sort of sick magic trick my left boob is noticeably larger than my right boob. WTF body? No one needs non-matching boobs. Why ya gotta go there?

Despite the uneven dispersement both boobs are much bigger than they were a few weeks ago and... not nearly as perky as they once were. Damn. A brief moment of silence for the perkiness of my breasts, if you will. *silence*

Thank you.

Moving on.

Some decidedly good things from this week: My hubby got his hands on not one, but TWO free strollers that we are totally going to use and thus save ourselves a few hundred bucks. He found a jogging stroller and a high end strolling stroller. Freaking sweet!

I've started researching hypnobirthing and so far it doesn't seem nearly as hocus pocus as the name would have you believe. Seems mostly focus on meditation, relaxation, and the power of positive thinking, all of which are things that I use in other facets of my life, so I don't see why birth should be any different. So that's cool. (I found videos from a place called the Calm Birth School, and points to the lady who runs for choosing a way better name than hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing sounds like a stage magician is going to knock me out and then snap his fingers to wake me up after I've pushed a watermelon out of my vagina into a black top hat. Calm Birth sounds like you train to not freak out during childbirth. Sounds great. Who wants to freak out? Not me. Calm sounds lovely. Sign me up.)

Week 17 also included a couple more days where I got up to eat breakfast and then immediately needed a nap (not great, but I like naps, so not bad either). However, it also included a strong resurgence of creative energy, and I was finally able to keep working on the sequel to the novel I released last January! That was a huge step in the right direction and one that made me feel much more like my old self.

And in perhaps the most exciting news from this week: I WENT FOR A RUN TODAY!!! It was the first run that I've been on since getting pregnant and it was short and mellow, but felt really good. Plus, I have every intention of repeating it starting Monday (we're gone all weekend) and I hope this is the start of me getting back into distance running before my body decides there's too much baby in there or something.

So, that's about it for week 17. Here's a shot of the fur baby out on one of our muddier walks this week. (Walking the dog continues to be one of the best parts of my days.)


  1. Very interesting developments...shows great to run now is EXCELLENT! Naps are mandatory. Keep them going.