Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 19

Well, we had family visiting from last weekend until this Thursday so I got a bit behind with my blogging. Also, I wrote a rather long entry for my usual blog about why people shouldn't get so worked up about who uses which public toilets, if anyone is interested in reading that. Then the weekend was busy with actually taking care of myself (read: going for runs and hikes), and writing fiction.

So, back to that whole pregnancy thing.

Shall we do bullet points? Everyone loves bullet points, right?

In week 19:

  • I may* have said things to people that I wouldn't normally have said and then felt like an asshole immediately afterwards
  • I may have laughed 'til I cried at things that were said that really weren't that funny
  • I definitely discovered a non-alcoholic radler that I believe will be a great aid in getting me through the hot and muggy months of summer (it's the Krombacher Radler if you're a fellow pregnant lady and are in the market for a non alcoholic beverage that's still tasty)
  • I may have caved and bought nursing bras that fit but have room to grow in hopes that I won't have to buy bras again by the end of this pregnancy (I do not have the budget for buying bras repeatedly, but I could no longer make do with my old ones)
  • I may, in my quest to find bras, have tried on some maternity jeans at a maternity store and found them comfortable, but ultimately doomed to fall down as my bump is not yet large enough to hold them up... plus they were 125 dollars and pardon my french but, "Fuck THAT"
  • I may also have been reminded during said quest of why I loathe shopping and why I hate dealing with sales people when I told the woman at the shop for the THIRD time that no, I was not interested in their stretch cream no matter how many times she wanted to suggest it or try to hand it to me while I was trying on bras. Holy crap people! I can only assume the poor woman is working on commission, and I don't blame her for the obnoxious requirements of her job, but I've dealt with car salesmen who were less pushy on the upsell. Please keep your hands out of my changing room thank you very much!
  • I may have impressed myself with my ability to not lose my shit on said saleswoman despite my demonstrated lack of ability to keep my cool earlier this week
  • I may never ever go shopping at Thyme maternity again in my life if I can avoid it
  • Online shopping and thrift shopping are my friends; no one pushes you to buy anything in a thrift shop and adblocker silences the most annoying bits of online pushiness 
* "may" in the context of these bullet points indicates a thing that definitely happened, we are disregarding the true meaning of may here for no other reason than that it amuses me to do so

Alright, I think that about sums up week 19. Only a tiny bit of kicking this week, plus one more chance to hear Speck's heartbeat at my latest prenatal appointment. All seems to be well. The anatomy ultrasound is one week from today and while we won't be finding out Speck's sex, we're still very excited to have a chance to see Speck and hopefully get some pictures (not to mention verify that all of Speck's crucial organs are in place and functioning, etc.).

Here's the 19 week bumpie for your amusement:

Note the new, well fitted bra! Artemis clearly wanted to join in on the fun, and while I'm starting to feel like I always look pregnant instead of only right after a meal, we still haven't reached a point where I look pregnant with all my clothes on, but I think the naked bump is coming along nicely.

For reference here's comparison between week 5 (when we first confirmed I was pregnant) and week 19.

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