Virginia's Non-Pregnancy Related Writing (Books, etc.)

Now that the end of the pregnancy chronicles are nigh perhaps you're looking for another way to enjoy my writing? Or perhaps you're simply curious what I do for work when I talk about my projects? Or maybe you're just wondering how someone who writes such a foul mouthed account of pregnancy could possibly write books acceptable for the general public?

Regardless of why you're wondering, here is a list of links to my fiction. Please take a look if you're interested, and thank you for reading!


First of all, there's my non-pregnancy blog, which is where you can find all manner of updates that have nothing to do with creating new humans and are mostly to do with creating works of fiction:

Then we have published books, short stories, and web serials as follows: 

Blade's Edge

Rain on a Summer's Afternoon:
A Collection of Short Stories

Victoria Marmot: Average* Teenage Girl

Traitor's Hope (coming soon)

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