Friday, December 18, 2015

Week 1

Well, this is a pregnancy blog. So why not go week by week? I'm starting this blog at week 15, but I will piece together what I can from memory and journal entries from the past few months to illustrate how this whole pregnancy thing has gone down for me.

We're going to go with gestational age (as that's standard) so week 1 is when you are decidedly NOT pregnant. You just finished your last cycle. You're still bleeding from the crotch. You are not wanting sexy times or thinking baby thoughts. You are just cringing through cramps and wishing it all away. And this time around... you'll get your wish.

Me specifically? I was heading to the states to visit my family for the holidays, husband in tow. Sad to leave the pooch behind but happy to go see my family and eat my weight in Turkey and side dishes (ok mostly stuffing, I won't lie). In other words. Good times were ahead.

Week 1 photo? Hmmm....

There you go. Winnipeg airport! Glorious isn't it? 

What? Not what you wanted to see?

Ok fine... 

There's the apartment decorated for the holidays. Better?


Too bad. No pregnancy photos until actual pregnancy occurs. I'm a stickler for the rules... 

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