Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 11

The funny thing is, this all still feels completely made up to me. We're a week away from telling people now, and I still don't really believe that I'm pregnant. Which is funny because I've had my share of symptoms (including my lowered immune system leading me to catch THREE colds in TWO MONTHS--WTF body? Are you TRYING to kill me? Two of those colds were overlapped with nausea and fatigue. Fuck YOU, universe!). Ahem... right, but as I was saying despite all of that, this still feels like it's all in my head. In the meantime, we're planning on telling our families that we're pregnant next week.

And to top it off, my nausea and fatigue are going away so I just don't feel pregnant anymore.

In an odd twist of fate I got a UTI this week (because apparently being pregnant means that if you even seriously consider having sex you will get a UTI, let alone actually sealing the deal...) and as a result got to confirm that I was still pregnant via the joys of needing urine analysis. Now I'm on antibiotics and... get this... this is the punchline...


That's apparently what I get for a. having a libido, b. actually having the gall to do anything with said libido and c. thinking I might be getting away from my first trimester symptoms.

Silly Virginia...

I was feeling too lousy to take off my sweatshirt. Sorry. Do I look pregnant yet?

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