Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 18

Sorry to be posting a few days late this week, but life has been trucking right along despite my best efforts to pause time.

Had to file taxes for Canada this week, which took up a whole day's worth of productive energy, and I spent another couple days working on fiction and prepping for visitors. Then visitors arrived. All of this is good, but it has delayed blogging.

So, week 18. What was week 18 like?

Mostly, it was high energy and productive and I felt like my normal self. That was awesome. One or two naps were had, but I mostly didn't feel like I was exhausted or ill. So I consider week 18 a win in that regard.

Other things that have been going down with pregnancy this week?

Let's see...

Kegels: I mostly forget about them and then randomly remember to do them, but I've read a few reminders to do them in the coming weeks. Apparently getting them strong now can prevent incontinence later, not to mention make labor and delivery easier.

Movement: Speck has been kicking and punching a bit this week. I had thought that I had felt flutters last week, but been unsure. This week though, I had a few definitive strikes that were unquestionably Speck saying hi. Hi, Speck!

Having one's belly rubbed: A good friend of mine rubbed my belly without asking, in the midst of a hello hug, and I barely refrained from punching him. And this is a person I'm quite fond of. This leaves me with dire predictions about how I will react to strangers rubbing my belly. One of my pregnant buddies has agreed that she will bail me out of jail for assault if I will do the same for her. Not sure how well that will work out, but fingers crossed.

Sleeping: A few weeks ago I had been waking up multiple times a night and assumed that it was because I had to pee. Then I tried putting a pillow between my knees and found that I was able to sleep almost all the way through the night. I was so thrilled with the success of this trick. This week something else must be messing with my sleep because I again find myself waking up multiple times in a night despite my knee pillow. So now I'm wondering if I need to add other pillows to the mix. Any ladies have suggestions?

Feeling pregnant: I don't seem to be showing a great deal more, enough that my husband and I both think I look definitively pregnant, but not so much that anyone unfamiliar with me would suspect anything, I think. And yet... I "feel" pregnant this week in a way I haven't before. My abdomen feels full of something other than food and my belly feels distended in a way that's not just bloating.

Here's this week's bump picture:

Maternity clothes: And finally, it may be time to track down some maternity clothes in the next few weeks. The hair tie trick is keeping my pants on for now, but I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to get by on my regular pants, and my bras are pretty much done for.

That's it for this week, I think. See you at the end of week 19! 


  1. Been meaning to offer to send you a top, if you can live with bright orange. But now I'm thinking that anything that fit my boobs won't fit yours. Sigh....

    1. Haha! Is it stretchy? I thought maternity tops were meant to stretch... :-)

  2. Also, so exciting about the kicking! Speck is getting ready to knock those belly-touchers flat!

    1. Totally. Speck feels strongly about belly touchers.