Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 13

So it's probably a toss up between my mom and my sister as to who had the most emotional, balls to the wall enthusiastic response to hearing we're pregnant. Sadly, this week, the husband is laid flat with a nasty chest infection and I have just enough energy to take care of him and myself, and the dog. After that, napping is a must. So there are lots of family naps this week. We're trying to tell close friends in person this week so that we can get an internet friendly announcement going, but having hubby knocked on his butt is delaying that.

No worries. At least I have energy, and my nausea is super sporadic and fleeting.

We want to tell as many people as we can before we leave for Phoenix next week. Things are starting to feel more real now that we've told our families. Both his folks and mine are really excited and that's making me more excited. It's nice to feel a bit excited. It's also nice to think we might be getting out of the "a miscarriage could happen at any moment" woods. Each day drops our statistical likelihood of miscarriage.

To be completely practical, something could go wrong at any moment in a pregnancy. We're well aware. But there has to be some point when you can start to sit back and enjoy it. I think that time is coming soon. I still don't really feel pregnant (although I do still have to pee all the time and my boob soreness is kicking it up a notch this week) but I'm starting to let my brain accept the idea. And I might be starting to look pregnant. I mean, at least to me, but only a tiny bit.

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