Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 25

Well, damn.

I had really hoped to get this written and posted on Friday or Saturday, but no such luck. It has been yet another busy week. This time I had multiple moments where I wanted to write this blog instead of what I was doing, but NO TIME!

Well, here we are now, and considering when I posted last week, I suppose it's only appropriate that I posted this one a week later. Don't worry, I don't plan to make this a habit. Sigh...

Alright. Here we go, pregnancy shit that came up in week 25:

  • Speck started kicking more. No, really a WHOLE lot more. Like Speck went from saying hi a few times a day at odd hours to being up and about MOST OF THE DAY! This is great, except that now, of course, I'm paranoid whenever Speck is sleeping, or chilling, or whatever Speck gets up to when I don't feel Speck move. Still, mostly a bonus.
  • Wednesday I had a crazy hormonal melt down of doom. It was totally weird. So first of all, I felt angry/sad/angy/sad/normal in weird bursts all day on Wednesday. And, interestingly, I could tell it was happening the whole time. I kept thinking "Woah. What a strange hormonal surge, I'm totally angry for NO reason." And, as I was alone and working all day, it really was for NO reason. Then I made the mistake of exchanging words with someone on the internet and then when my husband came home I told him how crazy and hormonal I felt, and he sympathized briefly, and then managed to bring up a topic that I'm always defensive about even when I'm feeling normal and we had a stupid argument that ended with me sobbing for 20 minutes straight for... yep, you guessed it, NO REASON! I mean really, at most, slight annoyance would have been an acceptable response. Sobbing was definitely not on the table. But no matter how many times I told myself that, the tears streamed. Fuck you, hormones!
  • On Thursday I met up with a friend for lunch and we got doughnuts. Yep. Just doughnuts. Well, we also had coffee. Coffee and doughnuts for lunch. LUNCH OF CHAMPIONS! They were delicious high end doughnuts. Here look: 

    See? Totally high end doughnuts. The one on the left is lemon merengue and the one on the right is cherry amaretto. Both were amazing but I think the lemon merengue won. If you live in Winnipeg you can try these beauties yourself at Oh Doughnuts on Broadway. :-) And for anyone wondering, no, I am not making a habit of eating doughnuts for lunch, but it was a lovely treat for one day.
  • I totally look pregnant now. I mean, I wear baggy sweatshirts sometimes and then you can't really see it, but if I'm just in a t-shirt or whatever, I look pregnant. That keeps throwing me off. It's weird to look in the mirror and think I look pregnant. It's also weird that it has taken this long. And, I think my "bump" is oddly shaped. I don't have the nice round belly that so many pregnant ladies rock, I have... I don't know a beer gut? A barrel? I'll post the weekly pick at the end and you can tell me what you think it looks like. Regardless, it's a pretty big difference from where I started...
  • I've finally accepted the idea that we're having a kid enough to look into buying some things. Mostly, we're trying to get everything second hand from folks we know or online, but I've just finally delved into real research for cloth diapering and now thanks to a supremely easy to understand youtube series I finally feel like I understand what the hell is going on with cloth diapers. And now that I understand them I'm ready to buy them. The great news is, I already bought some back in early May when we went to the childcycle consignment sale here in Winnipeg. I had just barely understood enough of what people had told me to know that buying a stack of "prefolds" would probably be useful. That was seriously about all I understood. I didn't even get how to put them on when I bought them. Now, however, after that super useful youtube series, I know that I bought enough prefolds to get us started, along with extra inserts and wipes, and two snappis. So we just need to buy a few covers, maybe one more set of prefolds just to cover between wash times, and we should be good to start. YAY! Thanks past self, for accidentally scoring us some cloth diapering essentials for a super low price. *Pats past self on the back.*
  • I also now wish to buy a super awesome but far too expensive diaper bag made by timbuk2 (because I hate the idea of flowery tote style diaper bags and would much rather have a messenger bag or backpack) but that's just random eye candy for the time being. It's very strange for me to want to buy baby stuff. I have been largely repelled by it this whole pregnancy so far. To be fair, I still am, mostly, except that now that I understand cloth diapering I am kind of excited to try it and thus am having fun looking at covers etc. online. 
  • I can't get my head around the idea that my uterus is supposed to be the size of a freaking soccer ball right now. I mean... holy crap. A SOCCER BALL? That's big. I don't feel like I'm carrying a soccer ball around in there... except when I do.
  • There have been a few times where I've felt uncomfortably pregnant, most of them while sleeping these days. I've been using a pillow between my legs for weeks now, but I think it's time to go full body pillow. Hubby makes a pretty good body pillow, but he gets hot too easily for that to last more than a few minutes and I can't stand waking up covered in my own sweat, let alone someone else's. So, off to find a washable pillow, methinks.  
  • My boobs are much larger than I would deem necessary. It kind of irks me and they're a bit uncomfortable. Hubby is not complaining. Men. Sigh...
And that's about all I can come up with for now. Still walking tons, and feel much better when out walking than when sitting still. My hips and lower back don't hold up well to sitting for very long, but they love walking, yes they do. So, I'm trying to spend as much time walking the dog as is reasonable and the rest of the time at my standing desk. I still wind up sitting more than I would like but I've managed to knock it down some. 

Off to walk the pooch and get back to work. Hope everyone else is doing well! Oh, and here's the week 25 bump picture!

What do you think? Barrel? Beer gut? I'm not sure.

Also here's a comparison of week 5 to week 25 just for kicks:

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