Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 24

Sorry I'm late.

Super late.

Super duper late.

Like stupidly late.

Sorry about that.

I have been opening up shop doing graphic design for book covers, as well as advertising my already existing formatting services, and setting up future promotions for the books I already have out and... well geeze, what am I saying, I had a busy week at work, and then I worked all weekend.

In the first trimester I got way behind in my job because as someone who is self employed, works alone, and works from home, when I felt like crap there was absolutely no one to tell me: too bad, work anyway. So... I spent about three months not doing the things I need to do for my job (and you can see the total drop in sales that came from that if you look at all the handy dandy sales sheets I keep track of things with--bright side: at least I know when I'm doing promotions and marketing it actually works). The flip side of that, of course, is that when I get a fire lit under my ass I then spend all day every day working, including into the wee hours of the night and all through the weekend, because once I'm motivated (and not feeling like a three week old, slightly reheated corpse) my brain won't shut the hell up and let me sleep until I DO ALL THE THINGS! Or until I do some of the things for long enough that my brain completely runs out of power and I finally have to shut down.

Which is precisely what's been going on since last weekend. I basically worked through the weekend selling books and then went straight into a full week of reading, revisions, graphic design, formatting, and marketing and promotions. And then that kept going into the weekend, and now it's Monday and I still hadn't written this blog. Which is silly, really, because it falls under the heading of 'my job,' but as it isn't a provider of income, my brain decided to ignore it. Which is a shame, because I enjoy writing this blog.

Anyway, that big ol' rant on why I haven't written this blog tells you a good deal about how week 24 went. It went by quickly, in a haze of productivity, and I had the energy to do everything, as well as walk the dog a lot, and managed to spend time with my husband over the weekend (and even mustered up the enthusiasm for gettin' busy - which has been something I have seriously struggled with in pregnancy so far) and so life has seemed pretty normal.

The only difference is that every now and again I receive a kick or poke to the ribs from the inside, or I take a good look in the mirror and go, holy shit, look at my abdomen! It's huge! And it mostly UTERUS! WTF?!?

Sadly, Corey and I forgot to take a bump pic this weekend, so you'll have to make do with this bumpie (that's bump-selfie for the uninitiated) on Wednesday instead:

And, to make up for the lateness of everything and give you a chance to see my bump in its present glory. Here's some video made just for this blog, just now:

Oh and one final note that I forgot to put in the video, but what is up with the reduced lung capacity?! Holy crap, body, I get out of breath if I sit down the wrong way, and trying to sing the other day felt like running a marathon. Also, I just did some pushups (trying to stick with my new goal) and am now as out of breath as if I had been sprinting. What the hell? Anyone else getting that? If it's this bad now, what's it going to be like in the third trimester? 

Oh dear.

Well, that's really it for today. Off to go swim in a lake! See you next week! 

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  1. According to NIH article ( respiratory changes ("reduction of functional residual capacity (FRC)") during pregnancy are normal. Due, they say, to both growth of the uterus and to hormonal changes. Unfortunately, it's a medical research article and a bitch to decipher without a medical degree. BUT WAIT.......

    Much more concise and written in normal lay language is this source (
    AND it offers not only a clear explanation of the phenomenon but also suggestions to "ways that you can breathe more comfortably": "practice good posture," "exercise," "relax," and "don't overdo it." So great that you have a "stand-up" desk.