Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 37

So week 37... I have been so buried in work I barely remember what week 37 was like.

I did a video for you (sorry it's 10 minutes long - I edited it, but super basic editing, nothing fancy) and if you have the time and really want to see what week 37 looks like it's probably a pretty good example, because boy do I seem tired and lackluster throughout. (Also, holy crap is my rack really that big?)

The details are within, and I apologize if you generally enjoy the blog at work and don't have time for a 10 minute video.

I worked all weekend, which is why this post is late to begin with, and I didn't have time to write out my usual spew of words. So you get a video and a week 37 bump pic taken by hubby.

And I'm going to get back to this project that has a deadline looming that I am just barely keeping up with.

Short version: I'm doing pretty well, all things considered.

And here's the bump picture:

And hopefully I'll have time to get the week 38 post done on time and in the more regular fashion. Until then, dear readers! Until then... 


  1. Nice to see/hear you're doing well. I'm so impressed. You are awesome!

    1. Thanks, Susan! Hope to see you guys soon. Almost done with this project and then I'll have time to see people! :-)