Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 3

Holy crap! I'm pregnant! But I don't know that yet... shhh... It's a bit strange writing these after the fact.

That's ok though, this was a strange week. Basically, I knew I might be pregnant (because charting had showed that I had ovulated when I thought I was going to and we had made use of fertile cervical fluid--if you don't know what that is read TCOYF) so if all had gone well, I was pregnant. But it was way too early for most symptoms, and the symptoms that might be present were.... wait for it... IDENTICAL to PMS symptoms!!

That's right. This week and next week are the weeks of insanity. My boobs feel a bit sore, is that pregnancy or PMS? I'm feeling a bit crampy. Is that implantation or PMS? I'm super tired this week. Pregnancy or PMS?

Well, this time it was pregnancy, but I'll be damned if it felt noticably different from PMS.

The cramps, especially, threw me. I felt implantation cramps at six DPO (days past ovulation for the newbies) and I was sure I was about to get my period. HA!

Artemis is staying in close range for snuggles... can she tell that I'm pregnant or is she just happy that we're back from holiday travels?


  1. I love the blog!

    My first symptom was heart burn. Unbearable for 1 week when I was 4 weeks pregnant. I haven't had it since! It is so strange the different way our bodies react. I love hearing about your journey.

    1. Thanks, Natalie! I had wicked hearburn for a few days in week 6 (which I had since forgotten about). I never get it normally so I can only assume it was pregnancy related. So WEIRD, and painful. Thanks for chiming in. I would love to hear about your pregnancy as well. We should catch up some time soon!