Friday, January 15, 2016

Week 5


That's right, I waited so long to test that my test line was darker than my control line. 

Many women these days test so early that their pregnancy lines are just faint traces and they post them on pregnancy forums to get a second opinion as to whether or not there's a line there at all. I've seen many of these posts, so I was pretty surprised by how dark this line was. This line was not messing around. That was a blazing YOU'RE PREGNANT! I'd waited until 17 dpo just to be sure and the result was that there was no questioning that positive. Crazy town. We'd gotten it on our first try...

Now what?

Ha! Excellent question. Luckily with the internet these days, there's lots of information to go around. Just to be sure though, I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor. The folks at her office were awesome and scheduled me right away. I took the test on the Monday and was seen on the Friday of that same week. My doc gave me requisitions for a bunch of blood work and we were off.

None of this feels real at all yet. So I peed on a stick and it claimed I was pregnant? So what? Anything could still go wrong. One in five pregnancies end in early miscarriage. There's a 20% chance it could all go away. And it's not like you can tell anyone yet... 

Actually YOU can tell anyone you want to. And you should. I really feel like we should be more matter of fact about miscarriage and how frequently it happens. But in those first weeks I felt like I was making it all up and I didn't want to tell anyone yet. It felt... fake. I told one person aside from my husband. 

But I did take my first bump photo, even though I didn't have a bump. It was a point of reference. And I knew that if this pregnancy worked out I would want to document how my body was changing. So, I unabashedly share it with you here:

5 weeks pregnant in this picture which means it's the end of week 5 start of week 6. I basically look exactly the same as I usually do, but with a bit of bloating from gas. Oh yeah, I admitted that on the internet. What of it?

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