Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 6

Holy exhaustion batman! What the hell happened to my energy? I just got up, ate breakfast, and took a fucking nap, because I had no choice. What is wrong with me?

Oh right, I'm creating another human from scratch. Guess that takes a lot out of a person...

So, yeah. This part is hard. Luckily I'm not feeling nauseous yet, but damn this fatigue is all consuming I don't feel like I can do much. Writing is a struggle. Thinking is a struggle. Doing much beyond reading, eating, and sleeping is a struggle.

And my boobs are still sore.

And I still feel crampy!! WTF body? I thought the benefit of not getting one's period for nine months was not getting cramps. I want my money back.

Week 6 bump pic. Pretty much the same as last week but maybe slightly more gassy. Oy vey!

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