Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 20

Wooooooaaaaaaah we're half way theeerrreee oooohhhhh livin' on a praaaaayyyyyyeeerrr!!!

Anyone, anyone? Bon Jovi? No?

Sigh... oh well.

Only one day late with my week 20 post! That's an improvement, right?

So, week 20... let's see. It was a pretty good week overall. Though I've had a resurgence of fatigue and a strong need to nap a few times a day over the last week, I've also had days where I felt totally energetic and normal, and I've managed to accomplish a fair bit on those days, so I consider it mostly a win.

For example, on Sunday of last weekend my husband and I took the dog for a 12.6km hike in the Whiteshell. It was beautiful, just strenuous enough to tire the dog out for a day or two, and left my calves and quads feeling like they'd done something. (There was a lot of steep-but short-up and down on the hike as we followed the cliff strewn lakeside trail around Hunt Lake and Westhawk Lake.)

The day before that I managed to go for another run and it felt better than the last one. I felt pretty good for the first half mile and then started to feel Speck jouncing against my bladder, which was... uncomfortable, but not painful, so I kept running for a while and then eventually walked my way home. Slow improvement. I'll take it.

Tuesday was the day of eating ALL THE THINGS. It could partially be due to me recovering form the hike, but DAMN. I ate two cinnamon rolls for breakfast, had a homemade energy bar for a snack, two portions of lasagna plus another cinnamon roll for lunch, and then another two portions of lasagna, plus a salad, plus garlic bread for dinner! Holy bottomless pit, Batman!

Then on Wednesday Speck very clearly requested brownies. So, I made brownies. From scratch. They were actually pretty good. But what's up with the sugar cravings, Speck? That's not usually how we roll. (As an aside, Speck celebrated the consumption of brownies by breakdancing in utero. At least I assume that's why I was getting punched and kicked every few seconds for about 20 minutes.)

All that food has been fueling my creativity though, and over the past week I've managed to add over 20,000 words to my latest novel. So that's a major win! I'm hoping to finish the first draft by the end of this weekend. I am greatly enjoying this return to creative capacity, because I had been feeling terrible about how little progress I'd made on my latest works in progress for the past few months. This is much more like it.

So for some reason I feel like I'm looking more barrel chested than pregnant, but certainly I'm noticeably... different. Anyway here's the week 20 pic so you can see for yourself:

And here is proof that I actually went hiking during week 20:

That about sums it up on the week 20 update. Oh, just for a splash of TMI it's been a pretty gassy week. I hear that's pretty normal though. Pregnant ladies fart a lot. Go figure. See you next week where we may have... pictures of Speck! That's right, our very first (and probably only) ultrasound is on Monday. We won't be finding out the sex but we're still excited to see the little one. And we're interviewing a doula today, but that's technically part of week 21 so I'll tell you all about it next week. 

Ok. I'm done now. Seriously. I mean it.


  1. Good for you for hiking! My sister did a massive hike the day she was due! :)

    1. I will be so stoked if I can still hike at 40 weeks! :-)

  2. Good for you for hiking! My sister did a massive hike the day she was due! :)

  3. Those hiking pics are amazing! Loving this blog :)

  4. Wow! Awesome progress! Too cute that Speck reacted to the sugar! Can't wait for September!