Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 4

The hardest week of waiting. More of the insecurity of last week but biding my time until I can take a pregnancy test reliably. Many women spend this entire week peeing on multiple sticks per day. I decided I only wanted to pee on one stick and be done with it so I waited until a few days after when my period should have come. That means I didn't test until week 5. I've been told that I am some kind of super human for being able to resist the allure of urinating on small strips of chemical laden cotton wrapped in plastic, but I think this might be where not particularly wanting kids come in handy. I was damned curious, but if it didn't work I wasn't going to be crushed. I was ok with giving mother nature time to tell me herself via bleeding and cramps (ie the old fashioned way). I waited. And waited. And waited.

I had sore boobs, and was very tired (probably noticeably more tired than normal PMS) but I was convinced my body was playing tricks on me and that I wasn't pregnant. ESPECIALLY because I was feeling crampy and in my mind that meant I was getting my period. Silly Virginia...

I'll tell you all about it in week 5 'cause that's when it happened.

In the meantime I distracted myself with long walks by the river and dragon slippers.